World Class Manufacturer and Assembler of Highly Engineered and Complex Metallic Products

Value Added Metal Stampings and Component Manufacturer
75% of all manufacturing by AAP is Value Added. Unlike non-value added manufacturers, we produce finished components ready to install, allowing savings of up to 25% of the cost and time of sourcing unfinished components.

From Steel Stampings to Mechanical Assemblies – All at AAP
Rather than sending parts back and forth between this metal stamping shop and that welding shop – put your entire assembly in our hands. We do all the stamping, welding and assembly to produce a final product ready to install. Products include tailgate latches, steel stampings and auto body hardware.

Whether you want a wind turbine component, interior component or a door lock striker, don't waste time and money splitting up the various processes involved in producing what you want. Send your entire project to Advanced Assembly Products and we will take care of it – the maximum in value added time!

Supplying Metal Stampings to the Automotive Industries

We know that we have been adding value in manufacturing longer than many other component suppliers and we plan to prove that we can add value for more than just automotive stampings for car hardware. In business since 1963, we are stable with a long history and experience – let us put that experience to work for your industry!

Core Competencies

  • Mechanical Assemblies

  • Interior Welded Assemblies

  • Chassis Components / Weldments

Value Added Manufacturing

An American manufacturer supplying value added products to the global marketplace. Competitive on a global scale, while providing lower cost component options anywhere in the world. AAP is currently shipping to locations around the world.

Stamped Metal Products

Metal Stamping Service in Michigan

building4 Advanced Assembly Products, Inc is an American manufacturer supplying value added products to the global marketplace. Competitive on a global scale, we’re providing lower cost mechanical assemblies, hardware and interior components all over the world. AAP is currently shipping mechanical assemblies to locations around the globe.

Our metal stamping service is focused on producing mechanical and welded assemblies. We use our abilities to produce products such as a latch striker for a car and are currently seeking opportunities in defense and wind turbine components. Contact us to see how we can provide you the ideal assembly for your product.

Mechanical Assemblies

Welded Assemblies

Sunroof Components

Chassis and Frame Components

Valued Customers



AAP is not just another metal stamping company, we build welded and mechanical assemblies. Among other things, we are a components supplier for OEM hardware, industrial hinges, door strikers, and various components for the defense, automotive, aerospace, medical, and wind energy industries. You can bet that we’ll be able to help you, or at least point you in the right direction. We are always happy to answer questions.

Advanced Assembly Products prides itself on delivering large volume programs, yet staying nimble, accessible and service oriented. Our management team is readily available to respond to your inquiry.

If you are in need of metal stamping service for complex assemblies, we can help you!

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