ISO/TS 16949 Certified

Advanced Assembly Products, Inc. is a TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified manufacturer. Our quality certifications mean that we have proven our dedication to producing quality mechanical assemblies, welded assemblies and metal stamping products. With AAP, you can minimize warranty cost and dramatically reduce the risk of product failure. AAP practices 100% adherence to product specifications and takes full responsibility for all the products we produce.

ISO 14001 Certificate

Our quality certification and manufacturing processes are your assurance of consistent quality for every product shipped throughout the life of your program.

Our customers have come to us for anything from automotive and truck body hardware and closures systems, to medical stampings. Contact us to find out what AAP can do for you.


AAP is not just another metal stamping company, we build welded and mechanical assemblies. Among other things, we are a components supplier for OEM hardware, industrial hinges, door strikers, and various components for the defense, automotive, aerospace, medical, and wind energy industries. You can bet that we’ll be able to help you, or at least point you in the right direction. We are always happy to answer questions.

Advanced Assembly Products prides itself on delivering large volume programs, yet staying nimble, accessible and service oriented. Our management team is readily available to respond to your inquiry.

If you are in need of metal stamping service for complex assemblies, we can help you!